One to One Six Month Programme


Over the last 7 years as a self-employed yoga and pilates teacher, I have learnt from many mistakes the hard way. 


I have failed and got back up, I have had low moments and from these have been able to grow


I have gained so many valuable insights that have enabled me to create a safe and supportive space in my classes. 


This is why I offer you this opportunity to use my experience and expertise to help you get a head start, to feel confident and empowered in your business and to make your business a lasting endeavour that grows and expands with you over time.

This is the support I wish I could have had at the start of my yoga and business owner journey.


Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to know what direction to take your business or are an emerging yoga teacher wondering how you’re going to stand out, perhaps you are dreaming of leaving the corporate world and have no idea how to get started as a full time yoga teacher.


By working on a one to one basis over six months, not only will you transform your mindset from one of fear and worry to one of confidence, focus and determination; but you will transform your life to one of purpose and direction. Owning your ability to flourish and thrive.


Step in to your authentic, empowered and vibrant self


Using my unique blend of business knowledge, combined with my passion for self care and mental health, I will intuitively guide you in understanding your authentic voice, getting clear on what you want to do and how you can get there and so much more. 


From practical advice to nurturing support as you grow into the life and business you desire.


Book your FREE 30 minute discovery call below and find out how I can help you.


I can’t wait to see your transformation,


Emily x

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