Classes that are 30 minutes or less will take place on Facebook or Instagram, links to these sessions will be in the timetable.


60  and 90 minute classes will be held on a platform called Zoom. Here's how to set yourself up.

Prior to your first class: Set up your Laptop/Device

1.    Select a device in your home that has a camera that can be pointed at the space in which you will practice your Online Yoga class:

  • Laptop/Desktop with a webcam

  • Tablet/iPad

  • Smart Phone


2.    Visit on your device and download the “Zoom Client for Meetings” application (for a Laptop) or the Zoom Mobile Apps for your Tablet/Phone (iOS & Android supported)


Before each class


1.    Book your class via this link which will take you to the timetable.


2.    Please note: Class registration will close 30mins before the class starts, so please book your place BEFORE that time!


3.    15 – 30mins before your class is due to start, you will be emailed a link which you can click on which will take you straight to the session and a unique code to enter into the application to 'Join a meeting'. Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t see it in your inbox.


4.    About 5-10 mins before your class is due to start, prepare your personal space, with your mat, a couple of cushions and maybe a blanket making it comfortable. You could even give it a studio feel with some incense or an essential oil diffuser and/or some candles. Bliss! 


5.    Open the Zoom Application and click on the link “Join a meeting” and enter the number as the “Meeting ID” and click “Join”


6.    You will then join the class online!


During the class

1. Make sure you are on ‘Speaker View’ which can be selected at the top of the screen.


2. I will remotely Mute all class attendees so that the audio is clear for you to hear instructions, so if you need to speak, ensure you UN-Mute yourself first


3. You can use the “Reactions” to provide spontaneous feedback to myself/others in the class (Handclap / Thumbs Up). Or there is a chat option too if you want to say anything specific


4. Click on the three dots of my video feed to PIN a large visual of me teaching you to your screen. 


5.  I will wait a few minutes to before starting just to make sure everyone is ok and be on hand to help if anyone has any technical issues while we all get used to this platform.


6. Please be patient, this is new to most of us (including me). I’m sure over time this will all work seamlessly. Feedback after your session would be greatly appreciated so that I can continue to improve your sessions. 

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