ONLINE 1-2-1

ONLINE 1-2-1

A space for you, at home

ONLINE 1-2-1

ONLINE 1-2-1

Tailored sessions - yoga, meditation or pilates

ONLINE 1-2-1

ONLINE 1-2-1

Time to connect and talk

ONLINE 1-2-1

ONLINE 1-2-1

Maintain mental wellbeing - promote happiness

ONLINE 1-2-1

ONLINE 1-2-1

Breathe and move in a way that feels good to YOU


One to one classes are in themselves a great way to deepen your understanding of yoga, mediation or pilates. Each session can be tailored to you to compliment what you need to focus on that day, how you feel, if you have an injury or want to release a particular stress or tension from your mind and body.

During this time of self isolation and preparing for lock down it’s easy to feel disconnected and lonely which is why it’s so important to find ways of maintaining a connection with other people while focusing on your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Which is why with one to one sessions time is spent not only on the physical practice of yoga or pilates but firstly checking in with you and finding out how I can best support you. This isn’t limited to just a few minutes, you can take the time you need to talk through the things that you need to. 

The beauty of one to one classes, I can create a unique session for YOU

Both yoga and pilates classes can be practiced on a mat or in a chair and can be tailored to your needs if you have mobility impairment, a disability or specific medical condition.


All class prices are based on a session time of 60 minutes but if you prefer a shorter class that’s fine too, just let me know and I’ll create a quote based on that time frame.


It’s your session – you have the freedom to choose what works best for you.


How does this work online?


For online one to ones I will be using a platform called Zoom so that we can interact with each other. Zoom is easy and free to access, all you need is a device with a camera that can be pointed to the space where you will be practicing and to download the app. All instructions can be found here.


I will be on the other end of the live stream talking to you as if I were there with you in person, offering demonstrations and helping you with verbal assistance when needed. 


If you’re new to online classes, don’t worry, I’m on hand remotely to guide you through the process of setting up so that you can start your session stress free.

One to one Yoga: How to build your unique session

Your physical practice (asana) is also key to your wellbeing. Yoga poses were designed to help the human body not just to maintain strength and flexibility but to maintain and improve health from within. Yoga poses will be specially selected for you to practice according to your individual needs, from aiding your digesting system, boosting your respiratory health, helping you feel confident and expansive or helping you feel more grounded and introspective. There are no limits.

Breathwork (Pranayama) is a part of yoga that often either gets left out or has very little time dedicated to in a group setting. However in a one to one, this magical practice can be focused on to help you feel the powerful, energetic benefits to help you manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and any number of other things. Pranayama has the power to increase your resilience to mental stress as well as cellular stress – working very deep down into the systems of your body to help with circulation, improve asthma, ease congestion and so much more. 

Relaxation and/or meditation are an essential part of any yoga practice. Did you know that one of the reasons Pranayama and Asana were created was to create a healthy mind and body to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to sit in meditation?


At the end of each class, I offer a guided relaxation which is aimed at helping to relax deeply to enable your body to assimilate the benefits of each breath, pose and movement from your class. This is where you build yourself a comfortable setting with cushions and a blanket if you like so that you can let go and feel completely supported. 

If you’d like to add guided meditation to your session that is readily available to you too. You can practice anything from 5 – 15mins of meditation to help you cultivate that sense of being in the present moment, to strengthen your inner focus and to be able to find new perspectives. As with your asana and pranayama practice, the theme of your meditation can be completely personalised to you.

One to one Pilates

To work out what would work best for you, book a free discovery call with me and we can have a chat and work out your options.

I believe that pilates is one of those essential practices that really and truly keeps your body strong and healthy. What’s unique about pilates compared to most other forms of fitness is the emphasis on a healthy spine and joints. 


In many ways practicing one to one pilates is so much easier than practicing in a group, simply because everyone has a different body and pilates has so many ways of working with your individual body.


Pilates works by using very precise movement in order to access the deeper stabilising muscle groups. By working with just you in a class, I can help you discover a way of accessing these muscles through seemingly small but extremely effective exercises that will be done according to what you and your body need.

I will guide you at a level where you will feel the effect of the exercises while maintaining and improving your posture and alignment, keeping all of your joints safe and increasing their muscular strength. 


The core makes up a large portion of the focus of pilates, but this can be very different for many people. For example, the core relates to your Transverse Abdominal (deepest ab muscle), as well as your Obliques (side waist muscles) and your lower back muscles. And anyone could have an injury or weakness in any of these places which means that special care and attention needs to be taken to address these issues, to heal the injury and strengthen the weakness. 

As well as working on your physical body, pilates, like all holistic practices works with your mental wellbeing. Through focusing on the breath and movement you will be effortlessly bringing your mind into the present moment, which helps releave depressive or anxious thoughts, with a stronger spine and improved posture you will radiate confidence and pride and as your body feels better you’re lifestyle will improve – your movement, energy levels and so much more.

To work out what would work best for you, book a free discovery call with me and we can have a chat and work out your options.

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