5 Ways to Create Calm

Regardless of the circumstances, find a moment of calm is essential to our health and wellbeing. As a yoga teacher and Pilates teacher I help people feel calm from the inside-out. Working on your body and mind together can help to promote positive feelings that stay with you for the long term.

At the moment you may be working from home. Maybe this is new to you or maybe this is how you always work. As a self-employed person, myself, I can understand that working from home can be distracting and may feel more stressful than being able to work from an office or space away from home. It’s really important to separate work from home, so as well as some yoga and pilates calming techniques, I’m going to offer a few suggestions to help you create some calm in your environment.


Movement is an amazing way to release tension, shift your energy and mood and help your body to work efficiently. Here are a couple of easy and effective pilates exercises that you can do sitting in a chair or seated on the floor.