Embracing Change

Wow, what a time we live in right now. Are you feeling confused by what we can and can’t do right now as we transition from being in our safe ‘stay home’ cocoon to edging out again? And what does that bring up for you? Does the thought of going out into the world again feel exciting and like you can’t wait to get back to normal, perhaps you’re feeling anxious about returning to life outside of your home, maybe a mixture of thoughts and emotions.

The particular change our country is being presented with can bring up a real variety of reactions, emotions and thoughts and with the messaging so unclear it’s difficult to know what to do.

This week I want to explore how we can embrace the new and evolving changes we face with clarity and openness instead of fear and resistance.

A regular asana (physical movement) yoga practice can teach us all about the impermanence of life. As we move from pose to pose not really knowing what is coming next – be that the next pose or the next thought or reaction to how we feel when we enter the next position. When you think about it, life itself even in the routines we in still into everyday life brings changes that we had not expected, such as we don’t know who we will meet on our journey through the day, what thoughts will enter our mind, how we will feel from moment to moment. Not knowing is part of life and part of our survival. What makes a difference is how we intuitively navigate those changes be they subtle and minute or big and obvious.

Knowing that its ok to feel anxious or stressed about a change but that you can and will find a way to move through that emotion. Eventually, we all accept change, just at different paces and in different ways. Sometimes change feels difficult and that is ok because we grow and learn from that discomfort – much like Yin Yoga where you hold a pose for up to 5 minutes, you learn to ride the waves of the mixture of mental and physical discomfort in order to go deeper and release tension from the connective tissues as well as building mental resilience and self-understanding.

Have you ever got to the point where you literally just have to give up, let go and surrender? Letting go of the resistance can be extremely transformative, having that moment of deep acceptance whether consciously or subconsciously is like that deep exhale of relief, embracing the unknown, embracing the fact that things can and will change and that things will get better.

There is always the opportunity rays of light in the darkest time. Now more than ever many others will be feeling similarly to you, just know that you have the power to embrace change and you can do this in a way that feels safe and supportive. You are not alone.

This week I will be sharing ways to embrace change on my social media feeds as well as my wellbeing groups. Feel free to join me, I’m here to support you. Feel free to head to the Free Resources area on my website to find access to free online classes, Facebook groups and regular content created to help you find some calm, clarity and your inner power.

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