Kapha Dosha. Find out how to uplift, energise and feel balanced.

The final dosha we will focus on is Kapha.

In Sanskrit, Kapha comes from two words: Ka = Water and Pha = Earth

Elements: Earth and water

Qualities: Strong, grounded, cold, moist, heavy, dull, static, smooth, dense, oily and soft, and sweet, sour and salty in taste.

Responsible for the water in the body – moisturising the skin, the earth and water elements act as a glue holding cells together, lubricates the joints, drainage of the lymphatic system, maintains the immune system, retains the memory.

As you can see, we all need Kapha, as we do Vata and Pitta. All three work together to bring harmony to the many systems of the human body and mind.

How do you know if you are dominant in Kapha? Check the list below to see how many you relate to.

1/ You have thick, soft, smooth skin

2/ Your complexion is pale/light

3/ You tend to be curvy

4/ Your hair is wavy, lustrous, thick and abundant

5/ You have a rounded face

6/ You have large eyes and lips

7/ You tend to have cool, clammy hands

8/ Your bones are strong, and your joints are well built

9/ You are drawn towards pungent, bitter or astringent tastes, food cooked with spices but not oil.

10/ You have good endurance and strength

11/ You move slowly and steadily

12/ Your immune system is strong, but you are prone to congestive issues

13/ You don’t like the cold or damp

14/ You do like the wind and the sun

15/ You have a good memory

16/ You are very good at caring for others

17/ You hold on to your emotions as you don’t want to burden others.

18/ You are a romantic type

19/ You can be prone to bouts of depression or sorrow

20/ You are a heavy sleeper

21/ You rarely dream

22/ You like being near the water and nature

23/ You love to cook – especially for others

24/ You are very loyal

25/ You have a very kind, sweet nature

How many did you relate to?

If you relate to all/most your dominant dosha is likely to be Kapha

If you relate to some Kapha is likely to be your secondary dosha

If you relate to none/very few Kapha is likely to be your third dosha

When in balance Kapha mind-body types are very loyal and caring, they love to look after others especially through a good home cooked meal. Their stable personality means that they are very grounded and commit to projects from start to finish. They have a very strong body and have great stamina and endurance. They love to work as part of a team and are very reliable. They sleep really well and have amazing long-term memories.

When out of balance Kapha can tend to hold on to their emotions and problems making them prone to depression and going inwards. They shy away and isolate themselves. As well as holding on to emotions they tend to retain water, their metabolism is quite slow so an increase in food cravings, lethargy and inertia means Kapha easily puts on and holds on to weight particularly around the waist. As Kapha governs the liquid in the body, when elevated and off balance this can manifest as conditions that increase mucus, such as respiratory and sinus issues.

How to find balance:

The ‘qualities’ or characteristics of Kapha are cold, moist, heavy, dull, static, smooth, dense, oily and soft, and sweet, sour and salty in taste. Therefore, choosing more of the qualities or characteristics in food and lifestyle choices which have the opposite effect such as hot, dry, clear, light, sharp, active, rough, bitter, pungent and salty helps to maintain balance or bring excess Kapha back into equilibrium.

- Food spiced with chillies and ginger will help to fire up the metabolism and energy.

- Eating light meals such as warm salads, fresh soups and low carb veggies helps keep the digestion easy.

- Drink lemon and ginger tea for an instant hit of energy and warmth.

- Movement such as running, hiit or power yoga help to utilise Kaphas strong body, increase activity and encourages endorphins plus improves the circulation.

- Work on practices that help you to let go – meditation, journaling, therapies such as counselling or art therapy.

- Expand your energy through uplifting music, dance classes or doing things that you find exciting. Do something new - take yourself out of your comfort zone!

- Give yourself some love and kindness. Nurture yourself like you nurture everyone else around you.

- Diffuse an uplifting blend of essential oils – Tropic’s Signature Oil uses Lemon Myrtle, Bergamot, Patchouli and lime as a refreshing and nourishing scent.

Skincare wise, think fresh, light and something that smells and feels lovely. Here’s a list of products that deliver on these qualities and more.

Tropic Sun Drops – a facial gradual tanner that gives you that lovely, sun kissed glow without the need to be in the sun.

Tropic Face Lift mask – give your skin some energy and life with this brightening, rejuvenating mask.

Tropic Body Smooth body exfoliator – energise your skin, improve your circulation and keep your skin soft with this luxurious exfoliator. This smells like a holiday!

Tropic Body Love Firming Buttercream – firm and tone your skin with this indulgent soft cream while giving back to the Mermaid charity (10% of profits will be donated until 31st July)

Tropic A Walk On The Beach foot collection – treat your feet to a spa like home treatment. Start with a soak with Ocean Fizz which helps you feel relaxed and uplifted. Polish your heels with the foot pebble enriched with charcoal and coconut and finish with a tropical smelling foot moisturiser for extra TLC.

Tropic Awaken The Senses Luxury Body Oilgive yourself some love by self-massaging (abhyanga – ayurvedic self-massage) this invigorating body oil into your skin. Uplift your senses with bergamot, neroli and lime.

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To sum up, give yourself some TLC through balancing foods, active movement and luxurious treats just for you. Let go of the stuff that’s weighing you down and break free. Throw your arms in the air, laugh and smile.

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