Mindset for Yoga Teachers: Going From Feeling The Fear to Flourishing and Thriving

Getting out of your way can be the difference between dreaming and making that dream a reality.

When it comes to being a yoga teacher, we are taught how to teach a yoga class in a particular style, but not always how to run a successful business teaching yoga.

Teaching yoga is so much more than offering a class and guiding people through a yoga session. These days, a yoga teacher encompasses teaching yoga (obviously), people skills, communications skills, marketing, social media marketing, accounting, time management, equipment set up, photography, IT skills, all of this alongside holding space for your tribe.

I’m pretty sure there is much more I could add to that list but, you get the point. It’s A LOT more than teaching yoga.

For many, teaching yoga is something that is started on the side of a full-time job. And for some of those, it might be a dream to be able to leave that corporate job to be able to focus on their dharma of being a full-time yoga teacher.

But, there’s something that gets in the way of making that dream become a reality.




Just to highlight a few of the many emotions that rise up when we want to transform in some way. And leaving a full-time job to teach yoga is an immense transformation. One that is totally worth it, in my opinion.

These emotions often come disguised as SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS (SLBs).

SLBs are things we tell ourselves which we believe to be true and that hold us back in some way from achieving, transforming or living our dream. These are little stories that our mind makes up to keep us safe and small, so that we take as few risks as possible.

You might recognise these:

“it’s hard to make a living as a yoga teacher”

“I can’t leave my corporate job to teach yoga, that’s crazy, I won’t be able to pay the bills/get enough clients to support myself or my family/continue to live the lifestyle I lead”

“What if I fail”

“What if I don’t get any classes or clients to teach”

“I’ll never make enough money” etc. etc. etc.

These are really common SLBs, and I’ve certainly thought some of these and more. There’s always more!

If you recognise that you have thought some/all of these or something like this then well done! You’re on your way to releasing these SLBs!!

Being able to bring awareness to these stories (because they are JUST stories) is the first step in being able to let them go.

By bringing awareness to these beliefs, you can start to create some space between yourself and the belief. When you can create space, you can start to see it for what it is – A STORY.

And then you can start to realise that it isn’t necessarily true!

So, how do you know if what you’re telling yourself is an SLB?

Notice what you’re telling yourself and how it feels. If it brings up worry, fear, procrastination, doubt, then it’s probably an SLB.

And then interestingly, delve into it a little more asking “How does this belief benefit me?”

This can sometimes be the lightbulb moment when you realise this thing you’ve believed for all of these years/months/weeks/days really is a STORY that your mind has created to prop up a core belief that you need to stay small and safe in some way.

So, now what?

Now that you’ve come this far, you might be able to see how powerful your mind is! And so, let’s use that power in a positive way and create some kick-ass, positive stories instead.

Reframe those SLBs in a positive way.

For example:

SLB: “it’s hard to make a living as a yoga teacher”

Reframe: “Teaching yoga is my passion. I radiate abundance through my teaching because I’m doing what I love. Through this I attract more than enough to thrive.”

Take some time to reframe your SLBs using some awesome, empowering language that fills you with excitement, passion, happiness and all those other high vibe feels.

Finally, create a script using your reframed beliefs.

Read out your script daily and feel yourself grow from fearful yogi to flourishing yogi in no time.

If you want to do this with me, I have created a video series on the mindset which is available to watch in my FREE Facebook community, Flourish and Thrive Intuitive Mentoring


Let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions, send over an email to emily@emilymorrisyoga.co.uk or leave me a DM/comment in the Flourish and Thrive FB group.

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