New Year Resolution Vs Setting Intentions?

Think back to New Years Eve. Did you set a resolution? And did that resolution involve some sort of goal or self improvement?

Then think back to New Years Day or a few days into the New Year...How did you feel about your resolutions once reality had kicked in?

According to research, many people give up on their resolutions within a month. We've all been there vowing to be different or give something up or do something super amazing.

However, when we set a resolution usually we're so focused on the end result and not steps it takes to get there. The journey, which full of ups and downs. As soon as we hit a down, like falling off the wagon, it can be difficult to get back on without feeling guilty or like a failure and so we end up giving up altogether.

The definition of the word Resolution is:


1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.


the quality of being determined or resolute.

Wow, to me, reading that feels so rigid and oppressive.

January is tough enough. To put it one way, it's like an energetic come down after the Christmas high. And then to put ourselves through the stress of a resolution that often involves depriving ourselves, falling off a wagon and then feeling like a failiure. It gets me thinking, there must be a better, kinder and more compassionate way to start the year.


The definition of an intention is:

noun noun: intention; plural noun: intentions

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. "she was full of good intentions"

2. MEDICINE the healing process of a wound.

3. LOGIC conceptions formed by directing the mind towards an object.

Can you see a difference in the definitions?

How much more gentle, relaxed and light the words are.

Some examples of intentions:

- My intention is to feel good. If this is your intention, your focus is on things that help you feel good. And that could be anything!

- My intention is to feel light and free. What makes you feel light and free?

- My intention is to feel brave and face my fears. Notice how powerful that statement is - already instilling a sense of courage.

How amazing do those intentions sound? Going by how you'd like to feel is sooo much more powerful and open than focusing on just the end result of your resolution.

So, how do we apply this to achieving a goal?

You need to look inward to your heart and your third eye to create a vision. Creating a vision is a great way to strengthen your commitment to your intention and your goal. This vision is like a 4D movie playing at the cinema - you need to see it, hear it and feel it.

Here's a brief method you could use.

Find a comfortable, quiet space where you wont be disturbed and take a seat.

Breathing steadily allow your awareness to draw inwards.

Place one hand on your heart centre and breathe into this space.

Imagine your heart is like a door way with french doors. Imagine them opening, and through the doors you can see your vision, your intention.

Notice what you can hear.

Notice how you feel.

Have the intention to connect to your third eye, which is your centre for intuition. Ask your intuition to guide you in your vision.

Notice what happens.

Stay with this for as long as you can.

My teacher says to really strengthen this connection to your vision and your intentions practice this method every day for a few minutes and gradually it will become stronger.

Working with the chakras to form your intentions and your goals is a brilliant way to create something with purpose. Something from deep within. When we do this, we're so much more likely to persevere because we have delved beneath the surface and connected with the feelings - our drivers.

If you'd like to know more about setting your intentions, I will be teaching a Candlelight Yoga with Meditation class focused on New Years Intentions and how to utilise yoga to open up the creative channels and energy centres and guide ourselves to some fabulous intentions.

Candlelight Yoga, 6.45-8.15pm, Friday 17th Jan 2020

Located at Leigh Community Centre, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK, SS9 1SP

To book your space visit this link to take you to the bookings page of my website

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