Pitta Dosha: How to balance the fire

This weeks focus is on Pitta Dosha.

The elements associated with Pitta are fire and water.

Qualities – hot, sharp, intense.

As we’re now in summer this is the time when Pitta is elevated in us all. Even the most gentle Kaphas or chatty Vatas have an element of Pitta within their doshic profile, some feel it more than others.

Here’s how to tell if you’re Pitta – you may relate to all, most or some. Tick the ones that you relate to most of the time and write down your total.

1/ You have freckles

2/ You have a reddish tint to your hair

3/ You have combination/oily skin

4/ You have an athletic/medium build frame

5/ You have medium sized eyes and lips

6/ You have straight hair

7/ You get very hot, very easily

8/ You get stinky pits or strong body odour

9/ You burn easily in the sun

10/ You get acid reflux

11/ You get diarrhoea (sorry, that’s a Pitta thing), especially after eating spicy food

12/ You rarely get ill – your immune system is pretty strong

13/ You have a short temper

14/ You are a perfectionist

15/ You love competitive sports

16/ You are goal orientated

17/ You can become obsessive about things

18/ You are ambitious

19/ You have drive and determination

20/ You are very headstrong

21/ You prefer a cool day with a mild sun

22/ your perfect holiday would be outdoors, doing something competitive, skiing.

23/ You have a tendency to be a workaholic

24/ You are an intelligent and logical thinker

25/ You are naturally good at most things you turn your hand to

Total /25

If you relate to all, or most, it’s probably safe to say Pitta is your dominant dosha

If you relate to some, this could be your secondary dosha.

If you relate to none, this is your third dosha.

Do you know of someone else who could be Pitta?

Some of those qualities in the list may not sound lovely however, they are all natural processes on the body. It’s said that because Pitta’s are pretty much naturally perfect at everything they do, to keep them humble them they were given the sweaty, smelly qualities. Apologies for that Pitta!

So, now you know if you identify with Pitta or not.

So what happens when Pitta is off balance:

- Bursts of anger and frustration – probably a lot of swearing or shouting!

- Not able to see anyone else’s perspective

- Overly bossy and controlling

- Being harsh or sharp tongued with others

- Your workaholic side is activated and you don’t stop until you achieve your goal – regardless of who gets in the way

- Because of this you get burnt out or suffer with adrenal fatigue

- You get upset stomach or acid reflux

- Your skin breaks out with rashes/spots/acne

- You don’t feel good enough if you don’t achieve your goals or the results aren’t up to your perfectionist expectations

As you can see it’s really important to keep Pitta in balance. Thankfully there are lots of easy ways to do this and very simple techniques that can be inserted into your day to maintain harmony.

The easiest way to bring balance to Pitta is think COOL and CALM to SOFTEN the HOT, SHARP and INTENSE qualities of FIRE and WATER

- Eat regularly – don’t skip meals. Your digestion is strongest in the middle of the day, so aim to eat your biggest meal before 2pm.

- Aim for bitter, sweet and astringent tastes to balance the digestion.

- Cooling, sweet foods and drinks – cucumber, mint, fresh fruits – apples, mangoes etc. Coconut water, aloe vera or refreshing herbal tea.

- Reduce acidic foods such as processed sugar, alcohol, processed foods, fried foods, sour tasting fruits such as citrus fruits, cheese and tomatoes. Avoid hot and spicy foods such as chillies, raw onions, raw garlic, mustard and cayenne.

- Get a regular massage. Touch is really great for helping you soften your edges, helping you to relax and unwind.

- Slow down with a Yin Yoga class or a slow flow class with some positive challenges.

- Meditate regularly on calming, cooling visualisations

- Use cooling, calming and cleansing skincare products, such as Tropic Clear Skies powder cleanser, Clear Skin face mask, Pure Lagoon serum, Super Greens nutrient boost oil – click here for more information

- Diffuse calming essential oils such as lavendar, ylang ylang, chamomile, rose or neroli (there are contraindications if you are pregnant – contact your local aromatherapist to check what to avoid)

- Get out in nature – the woods, the beach, a lake, somewhere cool and beautiful

- Tell yourself regularly “I am enough” because you totally are enough, just as you are

You get the idea. Bringing some calm into your life helps to prevent some of those imbalances from manifesting. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel off balance, go through the list above and see what you CAN do to help harmonise your mind and body.

This week in my Facebook group, Soulful Self Care, I’m exploring Pitta. Please feel free to join the group and join me for meditations, yoga and more. Self care is key to balancing your dosha, make time for you.

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