Bespoke sessions tailored to your needs at a time that suits YOU.

Why a private class?

Do you find it difficult to get to a class at certain times?


Perhaps you want to practice with just you and your friends or family?


Or maybe you have a medical condition, disability or injury and you need expert guidance one to one? 

Whether you would like to practice yoga, pilates, meditation or a combination of all three, a private class is the solution you've been looking for. 

Unlike a group class, practicing privately provides the freedom to be able to move according to how you feel, with many different styles and adaptations and to a time frame that works for you.

Private classes are an excellent way to improve your wellbeing and with a regular and consistent practice you'll feel and see the benefits much more rapidly than in a public setting.

What We Do




Yoga is an amazing way to move your body, release tension, calm your mind and improve your strength and mobility. And what better way to practice than with private yoga which can be tailored to suit YOUR needs. 

In a one to one or small group setting you have the opportunity to select the style of yoga you wish to practice, the chance to focus on just a few poses - particularly if you'd like guidance with more challenging ones, or to work in an individual way that compliments your body.

Here's some of the styles of yoga you can choose to practice with me:

Hatha Yoga

A calming, slow paced class with a focus on one pose at a time. Perfect for beginners or those wanting a gentle class.


Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing from one pose to the next with the breath. Vinyasa can be practiced slowly for a mindful, gentle practice or a perhaps you prefer a strong, steady pace with positive challenges. 


Accessible Yoga

A practice with many options for all bodies. Yoga is wonderfully adaptable and can be modified to suit your individual needs.

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Yoga

With a focus on softening, and preparing for labour or helping your body recover from labour. Using the power of the breath to help calm your mind and central nervous system, poses that help you connect to your baby and meditations to help you sleep, find a moment of stillness and feel positive about this special time.

Beginners Yoga

I love working with people who are new to yoga and creating an introduction to this magical practice. Through easy and simple poses, working to a slow pace so that you can learn in your own way and focus on what feels good. Through starting with a beginners yoga session you can build up your confidence and knowledge.

Intermediate - Advanced focused poses

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and feel there are a few poses that you would like to focus on with the guidance of an experienced teacher, I am the person for you. We will work on breaking the pose down into baby steps so you can learn the foundation, look at what you feel about the pose and build up your confidence and understanding to help you on your journey.

Private yoga can be practiced at my local studio in Leigh-on-Sea or online via Skype/Facetime.

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With private pilates you can master the classical mat program expertly guided through each exercise. With regular practice you will be able to measure your improvement week after week.

Set your own personal goals, whether they be to feel more confident, to heal a specific injury or work with greater care and attention to detail in order to advance your ability.

Pilates really lends itself to a private class. With one to one attention you will be able to better understand each exercise and find a way to move that not only suits your unique body but also enhances the healing, strengthening and stabilising benefits of every exercise.

Private pilates can be practiced at my local studio in Leigh-on-Sea or online via Skype/Facetime.

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Meditation is THE most incredible tool for improving focus, positive thinking, calming your mind and body, reducing stress, anxiety and depression and boosting energy and general health and wellbeing.


When practiced regularly, the profound effects are noticeable - how you feel in yourself, your cellular systems (diabetes and other diseases can be helped), the way you react and your behaviour and language towards others among other amazing benefits.

I offer easy to follow guided meditations created with YOU in mind. Every meditation I offer is unique to you. Which makes it perfect for beginners. My aim is to keep the session and the concept of meditation itself as stress free as possible and so I limit the time to 15 - 45 minutes depending on your experience and what you need from the meditation.

A meditation session can either be added at the end of a private yoga or pilates session, or if you would like to book it as a stand alone practice I would suggest a time frame of 45 minutes.


Private meditation can be practiced at my local studio in Leigh-on-Sea or online via Skype/Facetime.

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