Holistic balance Programmes

Emily Morris has created three specialist specialist six week programmes for individuals or couples that offers the following:


  • Dedicated time to get to know yourself

  • Weekly online or face-to-face sessions including ayurveda, conscious movement, yoga, pilates, meditation, reiki (in person), EFT and/or journaling

  • Personal accountability check in’s, so that you can commit to what you need to to embody the freedom and balance you are craving.

  • A clear plan to keep you on track and so that you can see the map for your journey.


Each programme is tailored and you will learn lifelong tools and actionable steps that you can implement straight away to start feeling instantly tuned in to your needs. 


Read on to find out which programme resonates most with you…

Move From Burn Out To Balance

This programme has been created to help you make time for the rest that you need with actionable steps and tools that you can implement to feel more balanced inside and out.


If you are on the go all the time, it’s likely that you feel there’s an element of stress to your everyday life. While we all need a little bit of positive stress to get going and to motivate ourselves, you are feeling that your stress levels have gone through the roof. 


Even though you thrive on being ambitious and busy, you realise that there are health implications to letting stress be the energy you survive on and you are starting to notice the toll it is taking.


This programme is for you if: 


  • You can feel your stress levels rising, you regularly lose your temper and take your frustrations out on your co-workers, friends or family.

  • Your body feels burnt out - even though you have the mental capacity to keep going, your body doesn't have the energy.

  • You don’t take regular breaks throughout your day or tend to book breaks away

  • You regularly experience heartburn, rashes or rosacea


If anything on that list sounds like you, this programme will help you regain inner and outer balance so you can feel yourself again and prevent future burnout. 


The Three C’s: Clarity, Connection, Calm

Move out of anxiety and overwhelm into a place of clarity, feeling grounded and self assured. 


This programme is for you if:


  • You regularly experience mild anxiety (and you don’t need medication)

  • The thought of your day ahead or doing something particular feels overwhelming and often leads to procrastination

  • You have a million ideas but can never seem to settle on one

  • You find it impossible to commit to finishing a project

  • You tend to be flaky with appointments 

  • You find it nearly impossible to make a decision

  • You’re an overthinker


Using tools that will break cycle, you will be able to transform not only how you feel but the ripple effect will enable you to transform your life. 


Instead of waking up with a million thoughts and worries for the day ahead you will wake up feeling excited and clear for the day. And any time those anxious feelings come up unexpectedly, you will know exactly how to handle them.


Energy Kickstarter

Find your spark again


We all have moments when we feel lethargic and want to just slump on the sofa and binge on Netflix. This is all well and good, but when it gets to the point where this is you all the time and things don’t get done, you have zero energy to do the things you enjoy and you start to feel crappy that's a sign that you need a boost in your energy to give you a fiery kickstart.


This programme is for you in:


  • You’re reading this and feeling resistance

  • You love vegging out but don’t like the heavy, lethargic feeling that comes with it

  • You feel like you’re missing out on life

  • You are a natural caregiver but more often than not, you are feeling weighed down by not only your own but other people’s stuff

  • You’re feeling disinterested in things but have a desire to reignite your zest for life

  • You constantly feel congested and mucusy 


If you’re reading that list and relate to one, some or all of them, this programme is for you.

Finding a way to reignite your flame will work wonders for your energy, by empowering yourself with tools and techniques as well as movement and nourishment you will reconnect with your self worth, and learn ways to let go of all the stuff that weighs you down so that you can feel bright, light and back to being you.

Image by Camille Brodard

Let's Work Together

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